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"Elijah Hawken has done more in seven months to relieve my migraine headaches than the previous seven years of conventional western medical treatment. While conventional treatment focused solely on alleviating the headaches as they occurred, prescribing increasingly larger doses of medications which often produced intense “rebound” headaches and always left me feeling drained and dispirited, the acupuncture treatments I have received from Ms. Hawken have significantly reduced both the frequency and severity of my headaches.

I have been able to halve the dosage of my prescription medication when I do occasionally still require it, and I have not had to take it at all for over a month, whereas I used to take a full or double-dose two to three times per week. And I continue to improve with each treatment. I can now envision a life without either pain or drugs, which I hadn’t thought possible just a year ago. As if that weren’t enough of a blessing, the treatments have also increased my energy level, boosted my immune system, greatly improved my digestive functions, and enhanced my overall sense of well-being. I feel I cannot recommend Ms. Hawken highly enough."

Roz C.

"After 6 months of having a paralyzed vocal cord and not being able to speak without a microphone or breathe correctly, Ms. Hawken treated me with acupuncture for 5 sessions. After the first session, I had a partial-voice back within 5 days. Within 7 weeks I had 95% of my voice back! I do believe the acupuncture did the trick!"


"Elijah’s acupuncture treatments have helped me tremendously in varied areas. From sugar addiction, PMS and cramps, to back and neck pain that I’ve had for ten years, I highly recommend her for a nagging pain or overall well-being. She is very helpful and exceptionally knowledgeable."


"After constant lower back pains from springboard diving, just 2 sessions with Elijah had incredible results and helped me to dive pain-free."

"I had taken a violent fall and hit the back of my head. I sustained a mild concussion. At which time I lost my taste and smell for a period of 11 months. I was told by conventional doctors that I would most likely never regain those senses again. A friend recommended that I see an acupuncturist in order to help me. I chose Elijah after reviewing her credentials and speaking with her. She was very professional and shared with me the many things that acupuncture could help. Acupuncture has given me back my quality-of-life that I had prior to the fall. I am once again smelling the flowers, tasting foods and enjoying life."

Darlene C.

"When I first started getting acupuncture, I had chronic back pain, tightness in my neck and shoulders so badly that sometimes I could not even turn my head. Also I had such bad menstrual cycles that there would be a few days each month that I could not even get out bed. I had had these problems for several years, and I had tried several different methods of treatment, which either did not work at all or only masked my symptoms and gave me short periods of relief. I received acupuncture treatments regularly over a period of several months – after each session I felt much better, and finally my aches, pains and hormonal problems went away completely. Now I actually wake up in the morning feeling great. Acupuncture has also successfully treated me for bladder infections and the common cold. I am a firm believer in the art of acupuncture, and in Elijah’s ability to practice acupuncture."

Brandy H.

"I am a 54 year old male and I broke my left tibia and dislocated my left knee in October, 2006, tearing out the ACL altogether, tearing the meniscus and seriously damaging the other three ligaments of the knee. Surgery was performed immediately. It was debatable whether I would ever be able to even walk on the left leg without further reconstruction surgery. Ms. Hawken began treating me with acupuncture soon after I was released from the hospital. Elijah has treated me 5 or 6 times in the last 6 months, at first when I was in extreme pain. Each time, within 24 hours it was plainly obvious to all that I had improved, by pain reduction, swelling reduction, increased mobility, increased flexion, increased vigor and the welcomed notion that I just might recover.

I am now walking again, it is 6 months since surgery. Ms. Hawken’s treatments continue to have a measurable effect on my ability to walk. I am quite a skeptical man, and rarely in my life have I encountered anything as profoundly effective as her acupuncture, it occurs for me almost like magic because of the sudden shifts toward normalcy that each treatment affords. I don’t think that I would be walking without crutches if I had not been treated with acupuncture, it is plainly and measurably effective and I recommend it."

Denny D.

"Elijah is an extremely compassionate practitioner. She is thoughtful and very respectful when it comes to discussing my issues. I count on her to effectively treat me each time I’ve needed help, whether it was for my dislocated knee or my digestive issues. I recommend Elijah to anyone who wants to feel better."

Cass N.

"As a boxing photographer, I put my body in some pretty unnatural positions trying to get the shot. Eventually, I developed chronic pain in my neck – a hazard of the trade, or so I was told. I suffered with this pain on a daily basis for two years and considered a change in careers until, on the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Ms. Hawken. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but no more. After a few treatments the pain and stiffness in my neck were gone. The procedure was painless, drug-free and actually quite relaxing. Not only have I returned to Ms. Hawken for successful treatments in other areas but, after two years, my neck remains pain-free. I find Ms. Hawken to be personable, professional, and immensely qualified. I highly recommend her health-care treatment."

Chris H.

"I’ve suffered from chronic neck and back problems for several years, and while I’ve sought various treatments, I was still in pain. A trusted friend recommended that I see Elijah for acupuncture treatment. When I first met her, I liked Elijah immediately, but more than that, I was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. She answered all my questions, calmed my slight anxiety, and explained everything. It is no exaggeration to say that I found relief from my very first treatment. Each successive treatment brings improvement in my range of motion and a further reduction in my symptoms and pain. I’m feeling much better, and I am grateful to Elijah. I recommend her to you without reservation."

Patrick C.

"Science and Compassion come together beautifully in Elijah’s treatments."

Yvette W.

"I am no longer able to take any pain medication orally, not even aspirin. Elijah has been treating me for various ailments. Due to her methods of acupuncture and manner in which she administers acupuncture, I leave her treatments feeling very relaxed, free of pain, and with a sense of well being. The bonus of this kind of treatment is that it is all drug-free."


"I came to Elijah Hawken looking for some relief from a series of symptoms from Celiac Sprue. Western medicine had no answer and while I had cleaned up my diet, there was still a problem with intestinal distress. Elijah’s research of the disease, and subsequent treatment with acupuncture and herbs brought me relief in a short time…a matter of weeks. My body felt better, I regained my strength, stress dissipated and I began to sleep better. She is a blessing."

Ken B.

"Thanks to Elijah’s thorough assessment of my weekly condition and her expertise in acupuncture techniques, I have been able to weather a weekly chemotherapy regimen without having to use anti-nausea drugs at all. That means that I haven’t had to endure all the unpleasant side effects of the anti-emetics, including severe constipation. I also credit acupuncture and Elijah with keeping my energy at near-normal levels while I have been treated with toxic chemotherapy drugs. As a result, I am able to maintain a busy and full life during cancer treatment, which keeps me feeling positive and energized."


"Do any of these sound familiar: tension headaches, stress and muscle aches, low back and leg pain? I’m 46 years old, and for years they have been an almost daily part of my life. As an avid cyclist, who is also dealing with the reality of aging, Elijah has been a true “gem” in my search for both relief from the pain and a resource for continued well-being. Her dedication to her profession and her desire to individually tailor treatment programs that target your needs is what separates her from other practitioners! The uniqueness of Elijah is that she brings what I consider to be an “old school” approach to her practice in that she focuses on the quality of the care she provides rather than the quantity or number of people she treats. I hope to be in the good hands of Elijah for as long as she is in practice."

Clark S.

"I came to Elijah for allergies and headaches that were getting worse and worse. Because of the treatments and herbs Elijah gave me, I did not have to take allergy medicine for the first time in more than 20 years. My headaches went away. In addition, I experienced several other unexpected benefits, such as less stress and more restful sleep. I highly recommend Chinese medicine and Elijah Hawken."

Becky B.

"Elijah has treated me for anxiety and SSRI (Zoloft) withdrawal. I started seeing results within a couple of treatments. Elijah devotes her complete attention to me during my appointment and is never distracted. Her ability to listen and ask appropriate questions to get to the root of my health issues has been an immeasurable help in my treatment. I don’t always know what information is important but she does and knows how to get to the source of the problem. In addition, Elijah has been able to treat my low energy levels. I have not had this much energy and focus in the last ten years."

Sharon H.

"I decided to give acupuncture a try after being disappointed with conventional treatment for allergies. I was pleased to find Hawken Acupuncture and the services provided. Elijah completed a detailed medical history and looked at me as a whole person rather than a diagnosis. The personalized treatment plan that Elijah created for me is helping me tackle an array of problems that Western medicine has failed to resolve. Through acupuncture and custom-blended herbal prescriptions, I feel healthier, more energized and connected to my body as a whole with every passing day. I have Elijah to thank for that."

Season T.

"In May of 2005 my lower back suddenly began hurting. The pain was so bad that I even thought it could be a kidney infection. After a few days I finally got in to see my doctor who confirmed it wasn’t a kidney infection and prescribed some muscle relaxants. The muscle relaxants did absolutely nothing. Next, I took up the services of an osteopath. He prescribed muscle relaxants along with anti-inflammatory pills and a pain killer. The prescriptions cut down on the pain, but I was not only incapacitated but I didn’t really feel that the meds were helping to “cure” the problem… they were just masking the symptoms. There had to be another way. That’s when I learned that Elijah Hawken was practicing acupuncture. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a skeptic. But after I made a fool of myself while speaking at a Sales Meeting in front of over 100 people because I was on hydrocodone and muscle relaxants and could not remember what I was talking about, I decided it was time to change treatments.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I soon discovered it’s not all about sticking needles into someone. Elijah spent a great amount of time asking me questions and getting to know me and my issues. The needle part was like something I’d never experienced before. I could feel it working because with each needle I felt these intense sensations that I had never felt before. Elijah first focused on my back issues. After every treatment, the pain lessened. After the fourth treatment, I felt like I was back to normal. Then Elijah started focusing on other areas that she regularly heard me complain about. For a few years, I had been having stomach issues in which my tummy would bloat out and be in so much pain that I wouldn’t want to leave my house. Through listening to my complaints and asking the right questions, Elijah suggested that I could be lactose intolerant.

Impossible, I thought! I drink 2 lattes a day! She asked me to experiment by cutting out all dairy products. And wouldn’t you know it… the pain and bloating went away. What I really appreciated the most was that Elijah really knew how to listen and methodically took notes during my sessions so she could track down where and when I was having problems. Then she could form her own hypothesis as to what was going on with my body… and she was right on! She also knew what actions to take to get to the bottom of the problem rather than just mask the symptoms like many doctors do by prescribing drugs which often have side-effects and do not get down to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend acupuncture for anyone who, like me, has not been able to cure their issues with traditional Western medicine. Thanks, Elijah!!!"

Victoria S.

"I would recommend (and have recommended) Elijah to anyone and everyone. I trust her completely and have found her methods to be quite effective. She’s honest + direct, makes me feel comfortable (rare in any type of doctor/patient setting for me) and has my confidence in her work."

John D.

"I had heavy periods that left me so tired every month that I felt like I spent two weeks of every four just needing to sleep. I also began experiencing panic attacks and migraine headaches. After seeing Elijah for acupuncture and herbal treatment, my periods are easy, shorter in duration and I no longer feel tired. The panic attacks are completely gone and I only have occasional, mild migraine symptoms that clear up within a few hours. Thank you!"

Katrina D.

"I’ve been using Hawken Acupuncture since its opening. Treatment for seasonal colds usually just takes one session and I feel so much better as soon as it’s done. Seems to cut my cold down to just a day or two rather than having it nag on for weeks or months. I’ve also sent several friends there with amazing results as well."

Russell T.