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Post-Stroke and Brain Injury

Have you had a stroke or a brain injury?

I am here to help and support you through this process. I am passionate about educating people as to how much a person can recover after having a stroke. Stroke survivors I have worked with often describe to me the incredible levels of frustration and embarrassment they feel when they have to learn basic functions all over again.

Years before I became an acupuncturist, I saw both my grandfather and a dear friend of mine suffer from brain injury and stroke. I felt so helpless – there was little I could do. That is why I am so dedicated to working with this population now that I can offer real aid! Using acupuncture, we can speed up the process of recovery, and help you to regain control of movement and speech that was returning slowly or not at all, while also supporting your spirit as you get through this challenging time.

I see stroke and brain injury patients making such rapid progress with acupuncture – I want to tell everyone!

I want to see you as soon as possible after your stroke or injury – as soon as you are released from the hospital. Although we get best results if we can intervene quickly, I have seen patients months, even years after their injury make incredible progress.

Call me and let’s get started – it’s never too late.

Case Study

One patient came to see me 7 months after having suffered a stroke. His main concern was fatigue, but he also had trouble shaking hands with people (his hand couldn’t find theirs in space), one leg was weak, and he had some trouble with his speech. He felt he had to speak very slowly and sometimes had difficulty coming up with the words he wanted.

After one acupuncture treatment, he reported that his hand went exactly where he wanted it to, every time he reached for something. His speech was less slurred, and he was remembering people’s names. He still felt tired, but no longer drained, and never “hit a wall.”

After two treatments, his speech continued to improve (“Quite a bit,” he said, “Much less tongue-tied”). His leg felt stronger, and his energy was better. He was even able to go dancing and dance for twice as long as he had prior to treatment!