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Sports Injury/Orthopedics

Are you suffering from a musculoskeletal or sports injury? Do you feel like you have to “push through” your workouts? Are you concerned with being able to perform at your best – whether it is setting a PR, helping your team to win, or simply achieving the level of comfortable activity that allows your mind to stay serene?

I can help.

I was trained by one of the leaders in the field of sports medicine acupuncture. He developed a cutting edge style of acupuncture using an extremely effective blend of western anatomy and Traditional Chinese medical theory.

Up until very recently, the only people trained in this style were his personal students – of which I was one – at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego; students who, beyond our already strenuous training, were required to pass an additional competency exam in order to intern in orthopedic acupuncture at the UCSD Sports Medicine Clinic, treating student athletes with acupuncture, and working alongside athletic trainers and physical therapists to help these athletes recovery rapidly from injury and reach peak performance.

I encourage you not to accept pain in your workouts. I will do everything I can to get you back to peak condition.

Case Study

Before coming to see me, one patient was concerned she wouldn’t even be able to finish her upcoming half-marathon. A few treatments later, she set a PR in a race that she planned, out of seeming necessity, to “take easy”!

A high-school football star came in with a foot injury for which he was told he would need surgery. He expected to be out for the rest of the season. Two acupuncture treatments later, he was back on the field – no surgery required!

A carpenter suffered such severe back and sciatic pain, he was not only unable to work, he was unable to sit upright in the car on the trip to my office. Acupuncture to the rescue! A short series of treatments, and he was back on the job.