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Elijah Hawken

TCA Life Coach, M.S., L.Ac.

Elijah Hawken earned her Masters Degree in Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM), graduating with top honors, from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, after a four year post-graduate program of over 3000 hours of in-class and clinical training. As an intern, Ms. Hawken had the opportunity to treat patients...

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A few facts about Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Whether the source of illness is physical, emotional, or spiritual, Chinese medical treatment can bring about the healing of not only your primary complaint but the many minor discomforts that may have accompanied it.

Acupuncture works very well with Western biomedical protocols, and Elijah Hawken has considerable experience working alongside Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Counselors in several different clinical settings. Chinese medicine can accelerate recovery from surgery, strengthen the immune system, and alleviate many of the unwanted side-effects of conventional treatment of major illnesses such as Hepatitis C and cancer.

Acupuncture treatments are cumulative – each treatment builds on the previous one to restore you to health.

Chinese medical treatment is a sound investment toward your continuing health. It is a preventative medicine, and if you do become ill, it can restore your health and well-being. When compared to the cost of pharmaceuticals, Chinese medical treatment is not only affordable, but can improve your primary concern as well as restore your overall well-being without the harmful side-effects that often result from taking prescription drugs.

The time, money, and commitment put toward Chinese medical treatment restores health, increases energy, reduces stress, and has even been proven to reduce the amount of sick-leave taken from work. Over time, Chinese medical treatment often proves much more economical than conventional medical approaches to treating illness.

We also offer Deep Life Coaching worldwide by telephone & VOIP! Contact us for more information.

What People Say About Us

"Do any of these sound familiar: tension headaches, stress and muscle aches, low back and leg pain? I’m 46 years old, and for years they have been an almost daily part of my life. As an avid cyclist, who is also dealing with the reality of aging, Elijah has been a true “gem” in my search for both relief from the pain and a resource for continued well-being. Her dedication to her profession and her desire to individually tailor treatment programs that target your needs is what separates her from other practitioners! The uniqueness of Elijah is that she brings what I consider to be an “old school” approach to her practice in that she focuses on the quality of the care she provides rather than the quantity or number of people she treats. I hope to be in the good hands of Elijah for as long as she is in practice."

Clark S.

"I came to Elijah Hawken looking for some relief from a series of symptoms from Celiac Sprue. Western medicine had no answer and while I had cleaned up my diet, there was still a problem with intestinal distress. Elijah’s research of the disease, and subsequent treatment with acupuncture and herbs brought me relief in a short time…a matter of weeks. My body felt better, I regained my strength, stress dissipated and I began to sleep better. She is a blessing."

Ken B.

"I decided to give acupuncture a try after being disappointed with conventional treatment for allergies. I was pleased to find Hawken Acupuncture and the services provided. Elijah completed a detailed medical history and looked at me as a whole person rather than a diagnosis. The personalized treatment plan that Elijah created for me is helping me tackle an array of problems that Western medicine has failed to resolve. Through acupuncture and custom-blended herbal prescriptions, I feel healthier, more energized and connected to my body as a whole with every passing day. I have Elijah to thank for that."

Season T.

"In May of 2005 my lower back suddenly began hurting. The pain was so bad that I even thought it could be a kidney infection. After a few days I finally got in to see my doctor who confirmed it wasn’t a kidney infection and prescribed some muscle relaxants. The muscle relaxants did absolutely nothing. Next, I took up the services of an osteopath. He prescribed muscle relaxants along with anti-inflammatory pills and a pain killer. The prescriptions cut down on the pain, but I was not only incapacitated but I didn’t really feel that the meds were helping to “cure” the problem… they were just masking the symptoms. There had to be another way. That’s when I learned that Elijah Hawken was practicing acupuncture. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a skeptic. But after I made a fool of myself while speaking at a Sales Meeting in front of over 100 people because I was on hydrocodone and muscle relaxants and could not remember what I was talking about, I decided it was time to change treatments.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I soon discovered it’s not all about sticking needles into someone. Elijah spent a great amount of time asking me questions and getting to know me and my issues. The needle part was like something I’d never experienced before. I could feel it working because with each needle I felt these intense sensations that I had never felt before. Elijah first focused on my back issues. After every treatment, the pain lessened. After the fourth treatment, I felt like I was back to normal. Then Elijah started focusing on other areas that she regularly heard me complain about. For a few years, I had been having stomach issues in which my tummy would bloat out and be in so much pain that I wouldn’t want to leave my house. Through listening to my complaints and asking the right questions, Elijah suggested that I could be lactose intolerant.

Impossible, I thought! I drink 2 lattes a day! She asked me to experiment by cutting out all dairy products. And wouldn’t you know it… the pain and bloating went away. What I really appreciated the most was that Elijah really knew how to listen and methodically took notes during my sessions so she could track down where and when I was having problems. Then she could form her own hypothesis as to what was going on with my body… and she was right on! She also knew what actions to take to get to the bottom of the problem rather than just mask the symptoms like many doctors do by prescribing drugs which often have side-effects and do not get down to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend acupuncture for anyone who, like me, has not been able to cure their issues with traditional Western medicine. Thanks, Elijah!!!"

Victoria S.

"I’ve suffered from chronic neck and back problems for several years, and while I’ve sought various treatments, I was still in pain. A trusted friend recommended that I see Elijah for acupuncture treatment. When I first met her, I liked Elijah immediately, but more than that, I was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. She answered all my questions, calmed my slight anxiety, and explained everything. It is no exaggeration to say that I found relief from my very first treatment. Each successive treatment brings improvement in my range of motion and a further reduction in my symptoms and pain. I’m feeling much better, and I am grateful to Elijah. I recommend her to you without reservation."

Patrick C.

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