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My own life experience has given me great compassion for people dealing with grief and loss. I had the meaningful experience of an internship at the San Diego Hospice, treating both patients and their families as they moved through the process of accepting the end of life.

The beautiful thing about acupuncture is that it does not so much treat ‘body mind and spirit’ at the same time, it sees them all as being the same thing – different aspects of one seamless whole.

My goal in working with you during this process is not to make your feelings disappear, but to help them not to become stuck, blocked, or repressed. I wish to assist you in acceptance – of yourself, of your loss, and of the process. One of the many reasons this is important is that, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we see that stuck emotions can lead to physical illness and pain. Working with the emotional side is one aspect of preventative medicine that I feel is not talked about or addressed enough.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we do not view any emotion as “bad,” “negative,” or “undesirable.” True emotional health, in our view, is to experience a wide range of emotions and to have them flow and pass through us naturally and unimpeded. What we see as pathological is the state of being stuck in one emotional state, stagnant and unmoving. I would be honored to assist you in freeing your emotional flow.