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Neurological Problems

Whether you are having numbness, tingling, or pain stemming from an unidentified source, or from a previously diagnosed problem like a bulging disc or a pinched nerve, acupuncture can be an extremely effective treatment.

Case Study

A patient came to me because the whole side of her body was numb, and the area of numbness had been progressively getting larger. By the time I saw her, it encompassed one side of her face, her whole arm and hand, and her whole leg and foot. In addition to the numbness, she experienced a deep, burning ache.

Her doctors could not determine the cause, and prescription pain medication did not help at all. After her second acupuncture treatment, she reported that for the first time in three years she had feeling in that side of her body. The feeling had returned everywhere except the tips of her fingers and toes, and a spot on her forehead. The pain had also gone down considerably. After her third treatment, she reported having numbness in only two fingertips, and the severity of that numbness was reduced by half.